So… this happened last night: #HarlemShake (Gatecrasher Birmingham Edition)

Creamfields with @wearespeakerbox this year is going to be IMMENSE!

Creamfields with @wearespeakerbox this year is going to be IMMENSE!

Testing out this Flickr app as an Instagram alternative… on Flickr.
Feel like a king in these on Flickr.

Nearly there… http://t.co/0dlYp0Tj

Wow! @huwstephens just made me wish I was Welsh with that speech!!

RT @AriVarley: @mistajam smack, the only club in the world to have every back issue of playboy papered on the walls of the loos in chron …

At least I got paid. Although I do feel quite dirty…I’m now off home to have a cry in the shower.

DJ O’Skanz going IN with the #1500SecondsofFame

U know u’ve been out ur house for a long time if @Fearnecotton was on the radio when u left and @dev_101 is on the radio when u come back!

RT @MaverickSabre: You can pre-order my next single’I Need’ with 7 remixes for £2.50 from here: http://t.co/i2k5tKnU <- Bargain!

Now to hit the motorway and drive home!! #MissionFromGlasgow

Well thank you twitter for keeping us awake. Just checking into the hotel in Glasgow. Might even treat myself to 11 hours sleep… Nite!

Hey @Fluxpavilion - @SnoopDogg says hello… http://t.co/Kxnr0PsD

Finally back home. Thank you O2 Arena, really enjoyed it. Few hours sleep then off to Cardiff #whensnoopsineurope